Stance:┬áVaried – See Below

My Thoughts:

First and foremost this is an area where I have a hard time taking a stand. I do think that we should do everything possible to help the environment. We are here to be good stewards and part of that is to care for the natural environment.

The reality is there are only a handful of truly altruistic people that really purely want to help the environment for the sole reason of helping the environment. These individuals are the true purists and see through all the greenwashing and propaganda from all sides of the equation as both those for and against environmental reform are often only in pursuit of their agenda so as it delivers them a profit.

I think that there needs to be real measurable standards put in place to help drive real change. These standards should not be graded on a “curve” based on power, company perception, “green” marketing or even dollars trading hands.

I will say this is a very complicated issue that I do not know enough about to speak very intelligently about. However, I do know that we all need to do what we can to be good stewards of the environment. Some of us might only be able to make small contributions, while others can make larger deposits.

I do think though that we should be challenging what is truly green though and what is just “green” to make an extra buck as there are countless products coming to market that are not green, but instead just wrapped in “green” packaging with a bought label to make us feel good about our decision.

We need to demand transparency and hold companies, government and ourselves to a higher standard.