Everyone blames lazy people for the degradation of the welfare system. And absolutely, some of the people are lazy. However, they are not the problem, just a symptom of a system that encourages a hand-out instead of a hand-up.

Almost anyone of us would accept a free gift if it were given to us. You can say “not me,” but when the time comes to walk your talk many of us would cave.

Therefore, the people on welfare are just like the majority of us, susceptible to the same path of least resistance.

The real problem then is that the system (aka government) encourages this behavior as it earns loyalty returned in the form of votes.

I think the solution is simple:

1) If you are on an entitlement program (food stamps, unemployment, etc) you have to give back through community service. This work could be anything – picking up trash on the highways, painting over graffiti, fixing rusty bridges, filling potholes, or even serving at the food kitchens.

First and foremost, any time you earn something you value it more than if you are just given the item freely and secondly, if you are working hard for your hand up you will be more likely to look for a way to make more money for the same effort.

2) Time limits on all subsidies. Necessity creates opportunity. When humans have to find a way they will. If there is no sense of urgency, there is no reason to start looking elsewhere to find a way to support one’s self and their family.

What are your thoughts?