Stance:┬áVaried – See Below

My Thoughts:

Building a wall – Against.

This will consume a ton of money and it is not going to make a difference in the amount of illegals that are coming over into America. Granted building a wall is a tangible action that can make us feel safer, but the reality is it will consume a tremendous amount of money and resources and will not cure the problem.

Mass Deportation – Against.

Rounding up huge swaths of people and deporting them does not solve the problem. I do think that those people that are committing crimes and not subscribing to America’s ideals should be removed and sent home. However, rounding up a bunch of Mexicans and sending them packing does nothing to help anyone.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio does this all the time and all he ends up colllecting are Mexican landscapers, cleaners, construction workers and others that are here trying to better their families. This action does nothing to keep America “safer.” Those people that are here working hard and contributing to society should be allowed to make a better life.

However, changes in our laws need to be made so that these individuals are contributing back into our system and are not being a drain. I will discuss this in a moment.

Path to Citizenship – Due for a Revision

The path to citizenship needs to be streamlined. It need not be a long drawn out process, The “illegals” are here and will continue to come. By drawing out the process it just costs America more money in lost tax revenue and subsidies that we provide. We need to get people their citizenship quicker, get them a social security number so they can pay taxes and a drivers’ license so that they can be found if there is ever a question of illegal activity.

It is real easy to speak out against the immigrants, but if you lived in some of the locations where they live, you would want to get away from there too. That being said, when the immigrants come here they need to assimilate to American culture and not try to change America to be like where they just left. That makes no sense!!! You just left a horrible situation behind, just to try and turn the new location into the exact same thing?!?!

Nobody is saying you cannot be proud of your heritage and or that you need forget your roots, but do not change what makes America great. If you want it to be like where you just left, then the solution is simple – go home.