My struggles started years ago when I was in elementary school.  This is when I was first exposed to pornography.  Even then I was drawn to the curves of a pretty girl, and honestly what guy is not. As men we are visual creatures – we crave visual stimuli.

If I would have known then what my future would hold, I like to tell myself that I would not have looked at the picture.  The reality is though that even if I knew then the struggles and pain that I would associate for the next 20+ years battling my addiction…. I still would have looked.  I would have believed that it was no big deal and that I could sneak a peak every now and then.

And maybe some guys can just “take a peek” every know and then.  I am not one of those guys. I have an extremely addictive personality.  I know this and hence is the reason why even in my thirties I have never allowed myself to do drugs or even be drunk.  Yet while I have found a way to control these items that are common stumbling blocks for millions of people, I fail tremendously when it comes to sexual temptations.

This site is being created to document my battle with sexual temptations.  And while you may be struggling with a different temptation, I hope that my story can help inspire you and help share God’s word so that we might both be victorious in our endeavors to fight sin and overcome our temptations.

There are thousands of resources – books, websites, movies, etc. – that offer incredible information to help combat the struggle of sexual impurity.  However, I have found that the single most important ingredient to achieving victory over tempations is to surround yourself with Godly men that will not only hold you accountable, but will also lift you up in prayer and care enough about you to help you perservere during times of affliction.

I highly encourage you to reach out and find a group of guys that you can trust to help you over come your struggles! For me this was an extremely scary step – putting my pride aside, admitting I had a problem, and accepting that I cannot overome it on my own, but it has made all the difference in the world.