In America, everyone wants to be a leader.

I think, and would argue, everyone is already a leader by definition. In every interaction you are guiding or influencing in one way or another. This interaction will lead the mind of your peer to form an opinion or belief of some sort. It may be good, it may be bad, it may be neutral…. regardless, you have led someone to that thought in your interaction. What everyone is striving to be, already is.

Knowing then that leadership is relative and inevitable, since we all exact a degree of influence at every interaction (or choice not to interact) should we not focus our attention on serving? By serving we are focusing on the growth and benefit of others and I feel this outward focus will help ensure that our countless interactions result in positive leadership experiences.

Wether you want to or not, you are a leading…. someone. Nothing remarkable there. But are you serving?

Everyone will lead, few serve.