“Come, let’s talk this over! Says the Lord; no matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you white as wool!”

Isaiah 1:18


If there was ever a verse that gave hope this is definitely one of my favorites! Those of us that struggle with porn know what carnage lies in our past. It is often the shame and embarrassment of the past that keeps so many from seeking help.

They feel there is too much bad in the past, their addiction is worse than anyone else’s, or “you just don’t know what I have done.”

So we stay trapped, ensnarled in a loosing battle based on how we think God or people might respond to us. Coming clean, asking for forgiveness and seeking help seems overwhelming based on our perceived reactions of others. I also think that while many Christians deep down know that nothing is too big or too bad for God to forgive and make new, they view his ability to do so, during their immediate struggle, through a human perspective and let doubt sneak in.

And it is true, some people may think you are a sicko, dirty or disgusting. Some people that view you this way might even be in the church. However, there are many people that will show you unconditional love and support. They will meet you right where you are to support and encourage you as you share your addictions and work to break free of the chains that have held you back for so long.

If you are struggling with porn addiction, and you want to overcome the addiction, I want you to close your eyes and imagine a life with no shame, no embarrassment, no worrying about if you cleared your browser history, and no fear about going on a date with the girl of your dreams and nervously wondering how she will react to your porn stash.

Instead your life is filled with joy and contentment. You are proud of who you are. You are confident and assured in your actions. You have no worries or fears about what you did in the past popping up unexpectedly determining your future. You are free, free to set a new course and build the life you have always wanted.

So, for and addict, what is the difference between these two lives? Simply admitting you have a problem, seeking help and asking for forgiveness. Simple right? In theory. In the moment it is absolutely terrifying and overwhelming. Our pride, ego, selfishness and fear rationalize for us why coming clean is not a good idea. The rationalized cocktail they feed us keeps us from living the life we desire.

Most people choose to turn their life around at “rock bottom.” Rock bottom is where the “pain is greater than the fear.”

The good news is that you can control where rock bottom is. You can choose to turn from your old way of living whenever you are ready. Do not let your faith in man dictate your faith in God. God will meet you right where you are, He can wash you clean no matter how bad your past.

You might even surprise yourself and find a group of people that instead of condemning; lift you up and encourage you. One such place I encourage you to look is Celebrate Recovery, a local purity group or even NoFap.com.

Take your first step today. God does not want us to be alone. Isolation is the enemy’s plan. God wants to meet you right where you are – regardless of your past. You are a child of God and His heart wants to see you free! The choice is up to you, a new life is just a decision away!