“Before every man there lies a wide and pleasant road that seems right but ends in death.”

Proverbs 14:12

“…there lies a wide and pleasant road…” How many times have we gone down what appears to be a wide and pleasant road only to find that after awhile the road is anything but pleasant! It also tends to get very narrow the further you go.  So narrow in fact that it squeezes and traps us, leaving us feeling futile and unable to turn around.

Sin is deceptive, at first it appears to be so good, and sometimes it truly is amazingly fun. This is the case with sexual temptations.

Something catches our mind’s eye – a thought, a image, a person, etc. We then start to play this over and over in our mind and eventually rationalize why we should indulge in our lust.

Then we cross the line and give into the sexual temptation.

And while at this point it still might be fun eventually we all come to a point where we experience guilt, shame, remorse, panic and even fear. Society can try and “normalize” sexual immorality as much as it would like, but in the end it truly is a sin that can lead to destruction and even death.

Knowing that what is destructive can be polished to look pleasant and fun should make us all the more vigilant. The devil is sly and cunning. He knows our deepest desires and he knows how to tempt us.

God is on our side and he knows what is best for us – a life filled with peace, joy and grace.