Technology is ever changing with the potential to have far reaching effects on our society.  One such technology that has advanced tremendously over the last few years is laser tattoo removal.  This technology not only removes bad artwork or poorly planned decisions after a few too many drinks, but it has the power to transform lives and give individuals a second chance in society

In America we all make immediate assumptions about others by the way they dress, how they talk or even their tattoos. Perhaps it is from our cultures long standing obsession with film, but we are all conditioned to associate certain images with the bad guy – the color black, beards, tattoos; and certain images with the good guy – the color white, clean shaven, no tattoos, etc.

There is no way around it; every one of us has certain biases ingrained into our subconscious.  We all make assumptions about the people we meet using superficial criteria before we get to know them as a person and while we have all heard, “Do not judge a book by its cover,” we all do to some degree

Laser Tattoo removal has the ability to shed this bias, give people their confidence back and allow them to make meaningful contributions to our society. I have witnessed this first hand with a man who is working to turn his life around. When he was young he made a series of poor decisions and ended up spending some time in prison. While there, he got a tear drop tattoo to symbolize the time he spent in jail.  It was a symbol of status in his gang.

Fast forward to present time and he is not the same man he was.  He has turned his life around; he is married and has an amazing son.  However, even though he has repented and done everything he can to escape the past that ensnarled him as a youth, he still faces several challenges as he works to assimilate and contribute back to society as a whole.

When applying for jobs there is always a sinking feeling that he will have to explain the poor decisions he made as a youth when they check his record; yet he is fully prepared to do so. The problem is he rarely is given the chance. Although he has all the attributes an employer would want – he is clean cut, bi-lingual, dresses impeccably, is a tremendously hard worker and he has a positive attitude, he has a tough time getting past the initial meet and greet once the employer sees his tear drop tattoo.

Granted this is not the only tattoo he has, but this is the one that he says causes him the most problems.  Candidly at lunch, one day I asked him about the tattoo as I myself was curious as to its meaning – jail time, did he kill someone? It was then that he told me about his youth and his decisions. He told me about his struggles to be accepted now, the prejudices he had experienced and the pain he has endures trying to find gainful employment to provide for his family. No matter how much he dresses up, and works to improve himself, that one particular tattoo is front and center dragging him back into his past before anyone gets to know the man he is today.

We all make mistakes, but everyone deserves a second chance. And while tattoos such as the one obtained after a drinking binge can be a reminder of a slightly less than wise decision, some, as in my friend’s case, can be a trap ensnarling you and keeping you from becoming the person you were destined to be.

The good news is his tattoo is currently being removed and I look forward to seeing just what Jose is able to accomplish as this final tie to a past he has vehemently worked to leave behind frees him to chart a new course.

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You do not have to be bonded to your past anymore!!